Meet Our Team

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Alison Nowak


Alison might seem like a free spirit but when it comes to massage therapy she is all business. It’s not uncommon to find Alison on the floor demonstrating a particular stretch or exercise. She strongly believes in preventative therapy and encourages an active lifestyle. Alison leads by example; you’ll often find her on the mountain, in a yoga class, or stretching in a doorframe.


Kim Klinger


Kim graduated from WCCMT Victoria in 2014. She believes that Massage Therapy can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being as well as your quality of life. Her style of massage is a blend of deep tissue and relaxation, using a variety of therapeutic techniques. Expect epicenters of tension to be a focus during a treatment with Kim, within your comfort and threshold for pressure. When not practicing massage there are many other things that bring her joy - mountain biking, gardening, and enjoying the outdoors. 


Not accepting new patients 330pm - evenings. 

New patients welcome to book 8am-200pm.


*Evening appointments are reserved for patients who have discussed this with Kim. Please do not hesitate to contact Kim if you have any questions about your treatment plan.*


Meagan Gwilt


Meagan is passionate about movement, connection, and a balanced lifestyle. She works with each client's individual needs to help them continue to perform activities that bring them purpose and happiness in everyday life.

With a strong background in the physical practice of yoga, you can expect that you will talk about how adding this movement practice to your massage therapy routine is an accessible and important part of creating more freedom, less pain, and a sense of coming home to your body.

Schedule is released maximum 2 months in advance. Please check on the last week of each month for new openings.

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